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Hunts Offered

Lord River Outfitters has the exclusive guiding rights to over 1,000 square miles of prime big game country. Our wilderness area consists of mountains, glaciers, alpine meadows, Valley bottoms of flood plains,alpine biome rich in fauna and flora, and clear blue glacier fed lakes.

The guide area is partially within Ts’yl-os and Nuntsi Provincial Parks, assuring that it will remain pristine and natural. With extremely low road access, your main transportation while hunting is done by horseback, hiking, and boat.

The big game hunts we offer are:

  • California Bighorn Sheep
  • Mountain Goat
  • Trophy Mule Deer
  • Moose


  • Cougar
  • Lynx
  • Bobcat
  • Wolf
  • Coyote

All of our hunts are fair chase hunts. The hunts can either be conducted out of our main 2000 square foot lodge in the beautiful Gunn Valley; or by horse pack trips out of remote spike camps, 135 km south west of Williams Lake. We provide comfortable accommodations in a  remote mountain setting. Hunters can arrive at the lodge via vehicle (a pick-up truck is best), floatplane, or pick up in Williams Lake can be arranged. With a wide variety of big-game available we offer customized hunts and knowledgeable guides in the true Canadian Wilderness and a beautiful lodge to retreat to with basic amenities. 

Spring Black Bear - 45% Colored Bears 

Hunts Price
7 Day Hunt (1 on 1)

Price: $5,500 USD

10 Day Hunt (2 on 1)

Price: $4,000 USD

  • This “two bear” area has a high population of bears
  • The area is known for its great color phase bears, with about 45% of the population.
  • Methods of hunting include horseback, hiking, boat, 4x4, and spot & stalk
  • The average shot can be from 50 to 200 yards
  • We focus on south facing slopes and open areas
  • This is a great adult/youth hunt, as well it is a great hunt for anyone beginning to hunt big game 
  • Our spring hunts go from May 1 to June 15
  • We focus mainlyon Spring Black Bear hunts, before they start to rub.
  • Fall bear hunts are a great combination hunt.
  • Our average Black bears can go from 6 to 7 feet.
  • 1 on 1, and 2 on 1 hunts available
  • The second bear can be hunted and/or harvested for an additional charge of $2500 USD

Shiras Moose (10 day hunt) 

Hunt Dates Price
10 Day Moose Hunt (1 on 1) Price: $8,000 USD=trophy fee included in
10 Day Moose Hunt (2 on 1) Price: $6,500 USD=trophy fee included in
  • Come join us on a Shiras Moose hunt adventure by horseback.
  • This adventure starts during the rut in October first til November 15th.
  • We have a very strong success rate of calling moose in.  And, the excitement begins. 
  • Bulls can be called in or spot & stalked.  Lord River bulls will have spreads from 40 to 55 inches. Shots will range from 100 – 300 yards.
  • Moose and black bear make a great combo hunt!
  • All moose hunts are done by horse back trips out of very remote spike camps.

California Big Horn Mountain Sheep (Full Curl Ram) 


Price/Trophy Fee
September 10th – October 20th
(12 day hunt)

$12,000 USD deposit + 5% GST

$18,000 USD final payment trophy fee

California Big Horn Sheep Hunting is not for the TIMID.

You need to condition yourself physically and mentally; tough terrain can wreck havoc on a hunter.

It creates an awkward situation sitting on top of the mountain with a surly tempered hunter. (I have had one a time or two.)

We will glass and spot before the hunt; we’ll focus on getting the legal full curl, and then the stalk to a point where you can get to the best vantage point you can for a kill shot.

Circumstances are not always in your favor.

Be prepared for bad weather, and tough terrain.

Some days it takes days to spot a Mountain Sheep, and it takes hours for a sheep to move or stand so, “Patience is a virtue."

Practice shooting uphill and downhill at your local shooting range.

Pack great weathered hiking boots with traction

From past experience we know for a fact that anyone who tackles a pricy hunt is usually knowledgeable about great gear, and great optics to take along.

It will take a great deal of stamina, patience, and possibly days of guerilla type stalking to get your California Big Horn Sheep.

And, it is believed that Sheep have a vision equal to humans aided by 8X optics.

If you need advice about what to bring, let us know and send a message.


Mountain Goat 

Hunts Pricing/Trophy Fee
10 Day Mountain Goat (1 on 1) $8,000 USD
10 Day Mountain Goat Combo (1 on 1) $8,000 USD
  Deer is trophy fee for combo hunt to pay on success $3,800 Trophy Fee USD
  • This is definitely the most underrated trophy within BC
  • The methods we use to hunt include horseback, hiking, and spot & stalk
  • For this hunt the hunter should be in good physical shape
  • Our average goats will be 9 to 10.5 inches with solid bases
  • Shot will range from 50 to 200 yards
  • Our hunts run Sept 1 – Oct 31
  • Later season "billies" offer a great coat
  • These hunts are 1 on 1, or 2 on 1
  • Mountain goat and mule deer make a great hunt combo

Mountain Mule Deer 

Dates Price
7-day  1 on 1

$5,500 USD

10-day 2 on 1 $4,000 USD
  • This area is known for its trophy class mule deer.
  • Horseback, hiking, and spot & stalk are methods we use during the hunt.
  • Hunters wishing to hunt our "muleys" should be in fair physical condition.
  • Trophy bucks will range 160 to 180 B&C, with a few each year going over 190.
  • The average shot will go 50 to 200 yards.
  • Hunts go Sept 1 to Nov 30.
  • 1 on 1, and 2 on 1 hunts are available.

12 Day Multi-species Hunt (1 on 1) 

Hunt Dates Pricing/Trophy Fee
12 Day Multi-species Hunt (1 on 1)  
 -- Goat $8,000.00 USD
 -- Deer as trophy fee on success $3,000.00 USD
 -- Black Bear as trophy fee on success $2,500.00 USD
 -- Wolf
 - Wolf tag included

Extra Cost: Hunting License & Game species Tag Fees 

Hunting Licences:



HCTF Surcharge

Hunting Licence issued to:

A non-resident to hunt wildlife



A non-resident alien to hunt wildlife



A non-resident applicant for a youth licence



A person to hunt in the Gulf Islands special hunting area



A person to hunt in the Fraser Valley special area




Tags Price
A non-resident alien to hunt wildlife $180 USD
Black Bear $180. USD
Moose $250. USD
Mountain Goat $350. USD
Deer $125. USD
Wolf $50.   USD
Cougar $230. USD
California Big Horn Sheep $620. USD

ALL HUNT COSTS, trophy, license & tag fee prices are are subject to 5% GST tax.

Payment Terms & Conditions

  • 50% Deposit + cost of License and tags due up on booking.
  • Balance to be paid in full a month prior to arrival.
  • All trophy fees to be paid at end of a successful hunt.
  •  Non-Hunting Companions - $250.00 per day.

Should you have any further questions you can reach us via phone or e-mail.