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About the Area

Our exclusive guiding area covers approximately 1,000 sq. miles of rugged mountains, lush green valleys, pristine lakes, and alpine meadows.

The clean blue waters of Chilko Lake and river make our natural boundary to the west. To the east, Taseko Lake and river make up our eastern boundary. The south is guarded by the vast glaciers and snow-capped peaks of the Chilcotin mountain range. To the north is a large old burn within the area known as the Brittany Triangle.

The wilderness territory is partially within both Ts'yl-os and Nuntsi Provincial Parks, further assurance that this area will always remain remote and wild. Elevation within our area will run from 4,000 feet on the shores of Chilko Lake to the staggering 10,000 foot Mount Tatlow.

How to get here:

Driving in, from the Vancouver area:

  • Travel Highway 1 north to Cache Creek, then highway 97 north to Williams Lake.
  • From there highway 20 west to Hanceville, then turn and head south on the Taseko Lake forest service road for about 90km.
  • Right before the "Elkins Creek" cement bridge turn left and on to the Lord River road, continue on the old mining road for about 40km and follow the signs.

(A more detailed map will be supplied to clients making the drive.)

Flying in

  • Float planes can be landed right at the main lodge, on Tuzcha Lake, within the Gunn Valley.
  • We can also arrange for a shuttle service to and from Williams Lake.